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Bike setup is pretty high on the list of priorities when it comes to buying a new road bike, so most cyclists would have discussed the topic at some point on their rides. But what does a proper bike fit entail, and what are the benefits? Surely you can do most of it yourself at home...Well believe it or not, you can, albeit to a pretty low standard. It will take a visit to your local shop to truly make the most of your bike fitting and the associated performance and comfort.


The difference between a DIY bike fitting and a professional shop bike fitting is quality. Although you may be able to do a good job yourself at home, most people just don't have the equipment and knowledge to perform a bike fit to the highest of standards.
Your local bike shop on the other hand, does have the tools and the know-how. The benefit in getting someone else to perform a bike fit for you is that they can make adjustments to your bike while you ride it meaning you can feel the changes as you go...

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